Ive spent over 30 years ” working on my stuff” and i am definetly in a much more peaceful place because of it.

Ive cleared out the old stuff from the closet and can now replace it with things that are much more fun

I try to use every thing that comes my way as a lesson or a gift i have been given to look at my self.

It takes a lot of courage to be really honest with yourself and see how you fuck up your own life.

We have choices, instead of living from a fear based perspective, we can trust and move forward into the unknown.

Are you ready to make changes in your life, do you have the courage to look at yourself and see the truth of your own patterns and beliefs?

My focus and belief is on healing with love….. BUT…… I’m also into honesty.

I will encourage you to jump into the abyss, be brave, be real, to take back your power, get out of your head and stop listening to all the trickery that it tells you

and get into your body, listen to it, feel what your intuition is telling you, your gut feelings, act instead of reacting, find your inner healer and some inner peace.


“Michell is a wonderful and inspiring person and teacher. What an amazing journey of self discovery and technique taught by someone who has the power of softness in her soul. Life changing.“

Her depth of knowledge of HP and other modalities make for a unique and genuine experience. I cannot recommend Michell highly enough as a teacher & mentor to anyone wishing to learn this ‘power of softness’ technique.


Michell is an amazing facilitator in change. When i was on retreat with her, she helped me to see myself, see how i sabotaged my life because of old belief systems and patterns.

Michell is honest, sometimes i may not have wanted to hear it but she has the most beautiful, way of helping you to accept things. I think its her total acceptance of me as i am with her gentle guidance, that helped me to move through lots of issues in a short time. 

Ever wondered what Holistic Pulsing is? Wonder no longer. I had an amazing session under the healing hands of the gorgeous Michell Mercer of Relax Relate Rejuvenate. Deeply healing, this therapy reconnects you with your body, so relaxing and very nurturing. Love your work Michell, Namaste

Dianne Graham – Energy Healer, Shapeshifter, Colour Therapist, Liquid Crystals Practitioner(Adv), Usui Reiki Master/ Teacher.