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Throughout our lives we encounter many experiences that leave us with physical and/or emotional trauma locked in our bodies.

We just continue on the journey of doing “what needs to be done” until one day we realise that we are running out of time or we get sick and can’t go on.

When i was 34 and trying to be a ‘super mum’ i never took any time out to STOP

I became very sick with many viruses including Epstein Barr and Ross River Virus.

My immune system shut down and I had no choice but to rest and recuperate.

It was during this time that I found Holistic Pulsing, a Body-mind therapy that helped me to regain my health.

It works at a holistic level to unlock physical blockages and emotional trauma from the body.

It helped me to become well again. I loved it so much i went on to become a Practitioner and Teacher of this beautiful, nurturing,and very powerful therapy.

Over the last 6 years i have cared for and helped 3 of my loved ones to transition and have attended many births as a birth helper over the last 20 years.

These experiences combined have enabled me to see life at the beginning and the end. I have gained a lot of insight. I know how important it is to take time out, and to address our emotional issues

I am ready to share this insight, experience and knowledge with you.

Michell is a Qualified Practitioner and Teacher of Holistic Pulsing.

An Associate Member of IICT and Fully Insured

Michell trained for over 8 years with Sally McKern BOA, DIP HP gaining her Diploma in 2004.

She then went on to study and graduate as a teacher with the “Australian School of Holistic Pulsing” 2005.

Michell has trained in “Voice Dialogue” a Jungian based counselling technique that works on the “Psychology of the Selves”, with the originators Hal and Sidra Stone PhD’s in USA, gaining her level 3 Certificate.

Over the last 30 years Michell has facilitated many courses including a Basic Counselling and Communication Skills Workshop.

She now delivers the counselling component of Level 2 Holistic Pulsing

Michell has over 30 years experience in group facilitation of Women’s, Parenting, and various Self-Awareness groups and with the inclusion of the many healing arts she has studied over the years, this makes her teaching, sessions and retreats unique.

Michell was based in Byron Bay and Northern NSW for the last 25 years, where she ran her own home-based business .

She moved to the Sunshine Coast in Caloundra QLD in 2010 to care for her parents and now divides her time between Caloundra and Bali.

Her interests lay in the field of Self Transformation, the Healing Arts, Ritual and ceremony, and her passion is to help encourage everyone to help each other while also caring for themselves.

Michell has been actively involved in assisting at many births and deaths over the last 6 years and from this has gained invaluable experience and information that she lovingly passes on to others.

Michell is a very intuitive, fun and engaging therapist and facilitator who enjoys every facet of her work