Our body is approximately 80% water and the rhythmic rocking sends ripples flowing through the whole body enlivening the system on all levels, oiling the joints and stimulating the immune system. We start life in water, being gently rocked as our mums go about their business.

When we are born we are gently rocked to sleep, it helps to soothe and comfort us and we instinctively rock ourselves when in physical or emotional pain. The rocking rate that we use is close to the fetal heartbeart, between 120 to 160 beats a minute and this connection is significant.

The feminine principles of softness, gentleness & nurturing are incorporated making this an excellent therapy that assists us to release past and present emotional and physical trauma from the body.

In this place of deep relaxation and safety the body will start to release, open and expand and give you an awareness around where you are holding on to tension on a physical and emotional level.

The constant rhythmic rocking motion that is applied to different parts of the body allows the central nervous system to completely relax, almost as if it is being hypnotised into letting go, this enables you to get the full benefits of your session right from the start.

The focus is on healing through ease of movement, wholeness, and enjoyment rather then on what needs fixing. Holistic pulsing is a complete in itself, however it can be used in conjunction with all other modalities.


Holistic Pulsing is a multi-faceted approach and technique for renewing and healing our relationship with ourselves and others.

It helps improve physical and emotional health, can be used for self development and helps to bring about calm and balance in your life.

Holistic Pulsing is incredibly relaxing, safe and gentle.

In fact the originator of this beautiful therapyTovi BrowningN.D.,D.O called her book The Power Of Softness

Working with the elements of Rhythm & Water, and the Principles of Awareness, Acceptance & Re-empowerment, Holistic Pulsing helps us to bring some much needed balance and harmony into our lives.

Uses for Holistic Pulsing

Relaxation: The first and most obvious effect is total relaxation.

The central nervous system appreciates and responds to the ongoing hypnotic- like movements.

Holistic Pulsing is one of the most quickly relaxing modalities available today

Physical & Emotional Blockages: A blockage can manifest in the body beneath any problem we hold on to.

Because of the holistic nature of H.P. lots of different ailments are addressed without having to relive the trauma.

Shock & Trauma:The effect of shock or trauma, either physical or emotional is to freeze, sieze up amd stop movement. This can be carried in the body for years.

Pulsing can help to release this as well as prevent any after effects if applied at the time of the shock, as it allows the body to release.

Suitable for all age groups: The incredible safety and gentleness of H.P. makes it suitable for everyone including babies and the elderly.

As a home aid:Just a few minutes pulsing can help in most situations.

As a vehicle for Self Exploration:One of the most profound uses of H.P. affords us the opportunity to discover more of ourselves.


Holistic Pulsing is not only amazing to receive but is equally beneficial for the Pulser, who is not left out of the healing process in any way.

The ‘two-way healing’ aspect of the technique means that giver and receiver are both equally included in the healing process.

In this way Holistic Pulsing is a sustainable and rewarding way of working with people in the field of health and personal growth.

Giver is also receiver and receiver is also giver.

Pulser and pulsee are both nourished within the 2-way process.

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